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PA Natural Gas Rates – How To Compare Natural Gas Rates In Your Area

Pennsylvania is home to many people who are familiar with the high price of natural gas. With winter fast approaching, it’s time to examine your bill and decide what you can do to reduce your costs.

Many homeowners want to keep their bottom line at a minimum. This is why comparing energy suppliers and pa gas switch rates is a fantastic way of lowering your costs. The Center Square has partnered up with the state Public Utility Commission to offer an easy-to-use tool that allows you to compare natural gas prices from the top providers in your area.

PECO – PA Power Switch

One of the largest utilities, PECO serves 1.6 million customers across Pennsylvania all the way from Philadelphia and its suburbs all the way to Bucks County. PECO is also a major source of electricity throughout the state, providing a statewide economic impact of $4.5 billion annually.

The company operates over 2100 square miles and provides a wide variety of electric and natural gas products and services. The company is a subsidiary to the Exelon Corporation and has been in operation since.

Price to Compare

While most people know the PUC’s utility rate structure, they may not be aware of what’s called a “PTC” or “Generation/Commodity Charge.” This fee is determined by the utility’s costs for generation and commodities. It is not based on the distribution rates that the utility sets. It is changed every quarter.

This is a large portion of your overall utility bill and can easily be 40 percent to 60 percent of the total expense. It is important to note that different NGDCs have different rates, so their PTCs may be slightly different.

Peco is the first utility to modify its PTC for non-shoppers. It will be the only utility to increase its rate, though it’s expected that some other NGDCs will also follow suit in due course.

It’s important to keep in mind that, despite the PUC’s regulatory oversight, the prices that you pay for natural gas and electricity may differ significantly. You can save money by buying energy from multiple companies like Shipley Energy which currently offers the highest prices in PA.