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Home Selling Process with Provision Homes

What You Must Do Before Listing Your Property For Sale?

Get your home and family ready to sell by familiarizing yourself with the steps involved. Your home’s resale value will increase, and you can sell it faster with the assistance of .

Fix It Up:

Stop putting off fixing those annoying problems you’ve been ignoring for far too long, and do it now. It would help if you inspected the inside for symptoms of neglect, such as discolored ceilings, missing tiling, damaged windows and doors, excessively scraped flooring, etc.

Check the patio pavers, refinishing, and roof for cracks or missing tiles. Inspect your deck for wobbly railings and split floorboards. Create a list of everything you find, then prioritize it. It is useful to consult with a real estate agent before deciding what should or should not be done.

Successfully Complete Tasks:

There are always a few unfinished tasks around the house. Now is the time to finish the beadboard you keep putting up in the pantry, complete the guest bedroom painting, and hang the ceiling fan you purchased last summer. When a painting is on your to-do list, read for helpful hints that will make cleanup a breeze.

Bring Out the Best in Your Home’s Exterior:

Make sure your house gives off a nice first impression. You want prospective buyers to say to themselves as they approach your house, “Wow! I could make a home here.” Keep the exterior of your house neat and clean to entice potential buyers to check out the inside.

The Trim has to be touched up or repainted, the grass needs to be trimmed, the edges of the walkways and pathways need to be edged, the plants and shrubs need to be maintained, and the yard needs to be kept neat. Anyone interested in purchasing your home might drive by.


You may want to roll your eyes at it but don’t. Having a house that appears habitable is a need. Prospective buyers will only be able to see some of the clutter in your home. Don’t bother moving stuff you don’t need or desire to emphasize this point.

If you make the tough choices now, your home will sell more quickly, and you’ll have fewer headaches throughout the moving process.

It’s common knowledge that starting up is the most challenging aspect of decluttering. Jump in by taking it one room, or a section of a room, at a time. Destroy or recycle your paper. Give your unwanted or unused books, toys, clothes, and other household goods.