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How To Get Car Insurance In Five Simple Steps

Car insurance offers protection against all financial problems when your four-wheeler is damaged due to unavoidable circumstances. The policy also includes protection against robbery and theft. In some situations, you might end up unintentionally wounding others or harming their property in an accident. In such cases, insurance comes handy to shield you against any financial losses. The cost of insurance depends on the car model, engine, variant, geographic location, etc. You can choose a car insurance as per your requirement. There are many companies providing policies at a budget-friendly cost.

Types of insurance plans

Third-party insurance- Protects you from third-party liabilities. According to The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, a person is obliged to have this policy.

Stand-alone own damage insurance- Useful in case of an accident, a natural disaster, a man-made hazard, a fire, etc.

Comprehensive car insurance- Provides broad coverage and safeguards vehicles from mishaps such as theft, total loss, cyclones, floods, earthquakes, riots, vandalism, terrorism, etc.

Collision insurance- Covers car bills for accidents where you crash into another vehicle or run into a pole. If someone else runs into you, make a claim on their liability insurance instead of utilizing your own coverage.


Personal injury protection (PIP)- If you are injured during an accident, PIP pays the medical bills and other expenses of you and your passengers, irrespective of who caused the mishap. PIP generally covers medical and funeral expenses, lost wages if you are incompetent to work after an accident, Rehab bills, and the cost of replacement services for tasks you cannot perform due to handicap or injuries, such as housekeeping and child care.

What all does a car insurance offer

Protections against natural disasters and artificial causes, such as burglary, storms, riots, terrorism and much more. Additionally, one can include various benefits in the car insurance ranging from no claim bonus protection, emergency assistance cover, engine and gearbox protection and zero depreciation.

How to get insurance?

  1. Collect your driver and vehicle information, including age, driving experience of all drivers in the household, license number, ZIP code, and make and model of the car. It is always best to know information like safety and anti-theft features that could get you a discount on car insurance.
  2. Determine the type of policy you would like to purchase.
  3. Compare and contrast insurance quotes. You can either do it online or talk to an insurance agent from a reputed company.
  4. Buy auto insurance. Some companies offer a discount on the total payment upfront. You can also make monthly instalments.
  5. The last and most essential step is to cancel your previous coverage. Make sure the new policy is active before calling off the old one.