Why we should buy and keep ELON MUSK Mothers TOKEN (RACA) !! For UNISWAP: RACAUSDT By Seyed_mehdi

Hi guys
Today I want to present to you the TOKEN of the ELON mothers, Mia Musk, and tell you why we should buy and hold this currency.
first, let me tell you What is Radio Caca (RACA)?
🔴Radio Caca is the native token of the Universal Metaverse. Radio Caca is also the exclusive manager of “Maye Musk Mystery Box” NFT.
Radio Caca is also the engine of decentralized finance and decentralized games in the USM Metaverse. The project is known on the Reddit social network as the gateway to various NFT markets.
🔴According to the description on the official Radio Caca website, this currency has three general plans and goals for itself in the future which I will tell you briefly: (⚠️Fundamental analysis is a bit specialized, and if you don’t are not interested in reading this, you can move on to the next red circle.)
1️⃣NFT of Mia Musk:
Maye Musk has merged four big names in the NFT industry: CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Maye Musk Mystery Box. Mia Musk is the only one designed on the BSC (binance Smart Chain), the other three are mounted on the Ethereum blockchain. Mia Musk also has a working token called MPB. Each MPB unlocks new countries and forces in USM Metaverse. The minimum price of 1 MPB in the market is around 20 BNB and the maximum price is 10,000 BNB.
Binance Exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted that the Maye Musk Mystery Box is a challenge designed and launched by Mia Musk, the mother of famous billionaire Elon Musk.
2️⃣ Launched USM Radio Kaka Metaverse:
“USM Metaverse” is a 3D mapping MMO metaverse, developed over the past two years by a team from Tencent and Roblox. The way it works is that USM Launch a mini-game and customers can take a role in this ‘play and make money’ theory-based game. In this game, RACA acts as a AXES token for the game Axie Infinity.
USM Metaverse will likely be in the style and model of Final Fantasy XIV, but only with FFXIV imagery, footage, and structure, not similar to its battles. Their avatar will be launched in September 2021. The official launch date of USM The metaverse is March 2022.
3️⃣ is an adorable robotic dog on the Radio Caca platform:
Koda, a four-legged robotic dog, is one of the world’s first decentralized robotic artificial intelligence projects. With optional functionality, to store information about the IPFS and Quinn file community. The non-fungible “Dancing Koda” token is a good demonstration of Koda’s agility. This NFT is issued via Radio Caca and the RACA token is the only way to offer a purchase.
Now back to the first question, why should we buy and hold this currency.
🟫The first reason: this currency has very good foundations and the projects upstream of this currency are very exciting.
⬜️The second reason is that the management of this token is with Mia Musk, who has a lot of credit and money, which is certainly very influential in the growth of this currency.
And certainly, the notoriety of this woman will make the companies and big names in the world of crypto quickly announce their willingness to cooperate in this project.
🟪The third reason is that the woman’s son is Elon musk It may sound like a joke, but it is a fact that if your son is Elon musk , this will help Token to grow a lot😂. Since the relationship between Elon musk and his mother is very good and we have all seen how Elon, through his credit and his Twitter account, has grown two currencies, Shiba and Dodge, which fundamentally have no value, and these two currencies are currently among the 11 most important currencies in the crypto market. So please rest assured that in the near future we will read a lot of Elon musk tweets about RACA
And after each tweet, we will see the pumps of this currency.
🟦The fourth reason is that the market capitalization of this currency is not large and that it will experience strong price growth with the inflow of average capital, and since it is not yet listed on many international stock exchanges, a lot of capital is still going on. to enter this currency and whenever a stock market listing experiences strong growth. I bought it and I am waiting for it to be listed in binance.🤩
🟩The fifth reason is that for this currency there are plans to burn tokens, which after the implementation of each, strong growth of this currency is expected.
Raca Tokens Specifications
▪️ Token identifier: Radio Caca
▪️Commercial abbreviation: RACA
▪️Blockchain: Binance Smart China
▪️ Token standard: BEP-20
▪️Type of token: functional
▪️Offer: 500,000 billion RACA
▪️Direct supply in exchange offices: RACA 320,000 billion
▪️Allocated to the RACA team: RACA 70 billion (period of 3 years – Available at quarterly intervals)
▪️Allocated to mining and steak: 60 billion RACA (over 1 year)
▪️Tokens allocated to burning: 50 billion RACA (after the start of the second round of RACA)
⚜️⚜️If the number of likes ❤️ reaches 400, I will publish a detail technical analysis of this currency so that you know its price by the end of this year and the years to come.

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