Warzone Redeploy Extraction Token Explained


the war zone Redeploy mining token is one of the new things introduced in war zone Season 3 Reloaded. The crown jewel of Warzone, the Redeploy Extraction Token will revive its deceased owner without a trip to the Gulag or cash donation. Knowing that such a powerful tool is now in the wild, it would be wise to study the details of how the war zone Redeploying the mining token works and where to find one.

Warzone Redeploy Mining Token: How It Works

the war zone The Redeploy Extraction Token is the ultimate gift: automatic redeployment without the need to fight in the Gulag or be redeemed at a Buy Station. While the peasants fight in the Gulag or spend a lot of money to revive their friends, you will descend free by parachute to Caldera.

The Redeploy Extraction Token guarantees you a second chance at victory. Even the pros can’t win their Gulag Duels 100% of the time, but with a Redeploy Extraction Token in hand, you’ll come back to life no matter what.

This special token comes with some conditions in fine print. The Redeploy Extraction Token becomes void late in the match when the Gulag Hold ends. Basically, it’s use it or lose it. Those not lucky enough to use their Redeploy Extraction Token will receive an influx of cash to compensate.

Warzone Redeploy Extraction Token: Where to Find It


As the war zone A Gulag Entry Token, the Redeploy Extraction Token is exclusive to Supply Boxes in Battle Royale matches. You won’t find this wanted item lying around anywhere. Interacting with the Redeploy Extraction Token will bind it to your Operator.

Redeploy Extraction Tokens come in the shape of a hexagon and a parachute with wings etched into the surface. The token will glow gold, symbolizing its legendary status.

war zone Redeploy Extraction Tokens are EXTREMELY rare, perhaps the rarest item in war zone. Expect to search countless Supply Boxes before you come across one. If you’re looking for a particular Redeploy Extraction Token, Legendary Boxes are your best bet.

the war zone Redeploy Extraction Token is a form of in-game life insurance. Caldera is dangerous, but with a Redeploy Extraction Token on you, you breathe easy knowing a second chance is guaranteed.

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