Warzone Caldera server disconnection bug, maximum number of players reduced


Recently, COD: Warzone received a big update with several new features, one of which stands out the new Caldera map. But, the release of the update was a bit bumpy.

Over the past few days there have been reports of the new game update, including freezes, crashes, and loss of performance. Now, disconnection issues are also reported.

According to many COD: Warzone players, they are suffering from a server disconnection bug since the arrival of the new Caldera map (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

COD: Warzone Caldera server disconnection bug frustrating players

Players affected by the issue agree that the current state of Warzone servers is not good. The disconnection issue may appear at different times in the game.

For example, for some, the server disconnection bug in Warzone Caldera appears in the middle of matches, being kicked out and negatively affecting their stats.

I have tried just about everything and for my purposes. I continue to get disconnected mid-game almost every game with a lost host connection error. I’m doing fine in the matchmaking process, the pre-match lobby, and I have issues as soon as I hit the ground. Sometimes I am able to play a bit, other times I D / C as soon as my feet hit the ground. The game will freeze, there will still be looping audio of what was happening at the time of the snap.

Meanwhile, in other reported cases, disconnection occurs during warm-up. That is, when the bug occurs in these cases, players cannot even participate in a match.

For starters, the first game I try to play after I start Warzone always disconnects during warm-up before the actual game starts, and after that all other games disconnect during warm-up.

Second, I tried to count how much time I was wasting during matchmaking, disconnections, and playing, and found that in 2 full games I had (around 45 minutes) I had lost around 15 mins just trying to play and waiting for a server / game.

Raven Software is already aware, the maximum number of players is temporarily reduced

Currently, Raven Software (the game developers) is already aware of the reported disconnection issues. In addition, they took a temporary decision to try to reduce the occurrence of the problem.

(All Platforms) Main Modes: The maximum number of players has been reduced to help mitigate issues causing players to disconnect from matches.

So, for now, all that’s left is to wait for the company to finish fixing the problem and the playing conditions to return to normal.

Finally, when a new related development appears, we will update this article. And, you can also check out the bug / issue tracker dedicated to the COD saga.

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