Waffle House waiter orders 2 full steak sauce bottles to take out


A viral TikTok shows a customer receives more than enough steak sauce with their take-out order from Waffle House. Some viewers found it funny while others said it was necessary to buy a chain restaurant steak.

The TikTok, posted by Janesha LaTrice (@janeshalatrice), showed the steak order accompanied by two large bottles of steak sauce.

“That’s why my server at Waffle House put two whole bottles of steak sauce in my take-out bag,” the caption read on screen. LaTrice’s video received approximately 382,000 views on TikTok on Saturday.

LaTrice viewers on TikTok had mixed opinions on why the two bottles were sent with the order.

“Real customer service,” commented user @ user8531735129528.

“It’s a waffle steak…. you will need EVERY DROP, ”warned user @somefugginrandomdude.

User @yabababadada commented, “It wasn’t a waffle house, it was a waffle house.”

Some viewers guessed that the two steak sauce bottles were nearly empty, and the Waffle House employee just didn’t want to “waste time” pouring it into mugs. But LaTrice said it wasn’t.

“Both are probably almost done and they didn’t want to waste time pouring it into little cups,” user @heathenofthemoon wrote.

LaTrice replied, “I thought so, but the A1 was almost full. neither was empty enough for this. I poured out some and left the bottles.

Other viewers have said that LaTrice was not the only Waffle House customer to experience this.

User @esmeryeeta said: “Once they gave me a whole bottle of tabasco sauce in my take out bag.”

“I worked there over 30 years ago and we did the same thing once,” commented user @ shadowwarrior1111.

LaTrice did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via the TikTok commentary. The Daily Dot also contacted Waffle House by email.

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* First published: January 8, 2022, 9:26 a.m. CST

Cecilia Lenzen

Cecilia Lenzen is a journalism student at the University of Texas at Arlington and a freelance reporter for the Daily Dot.

Cecilia Lenzen


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