US Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate


Learn more about the US dollar and the current black market exchange rate between US dollar and naira. Find the USD equivalent in Naira.

Do you need to convert Naira to a foreign currency, such as US Dollars (USD)? Having trouble deciding what to do before transferring money? First you need to understand how to look at exchange rates.

Financial transactions between nations are more complex and require the consideration of a number of factors, including exchange rates since exchange prices often fluctuate. This contrasts with financial transactions between local institutions.

You don’t need to go to a bank or money changer to check exchange rates. Do you want to know a quick and convenient way to check the exchange rate? WOW, don’t worry! the following rationale

Dollar to Naira today

Market dollars ($) Naira (₦)
Black market: $1 ₦685
CBN rate: $1 ₦422

How to check the exchange value of dollar to naira today easily and practically?

naira to dollarThere are several ways to check the exchange rates between the dollar and the naira that you can choose from. However, visiting a bank or money changer to find out the current exchange rate may not happen all the time. In fact, there are still many people who act in this less convenient way.

To make it easier for everyone to see the price of another currency, here’s how to check exchange rates and other options that are much more convenient than going to a bank or money changer.

1. Currency app

First, you can check exchange rates using an app called Currency App. This currency converter app supports over 180 currencies worldwide and is automatically updated with the latest rates every minute. You can check exchange rates anytime and anywhere via your gadget with this app!

2. Search engine

Another alternative you can choose when you want to check exchange rates is to access a search engine like Google. By simply typing the name of the foreign currency whose price or conversion value you want to know and then compare it with the Naira currency.

For example, you want to check that the US dollar exchange rate is equal to the converted Naira amount, enter the keyword “USD to Naira Today”, then click Enter. Immediately, the results will come out immediately. Usually the exchange rate displayed is the latest exchange rate at that time.

3. CBN Official Website

As a financial institution that has the function of storing and lending money, the Central Bank of Nigeria also provides information on exchange rates which can be viewed for free on their official website. By accessing the bank’s official website, you can see a complete list of foreign currency prices to better understand the exchange rates.

These are alternatives to check exchange rates easily and conveniently. I hope it can be used as a reference for those of you who want to send money abroad!

FAQ How to exchange dollar to naira and vice versa

naira to dollar

Converting a dollar to naira is actually not difficult, as long as you know how. Below is a summary of the questions and answers from the above article that you should pay attention to before deciding to trade money.

How to exchange Dollar for Naira?

You can exchange dollars for Nora or vice versa, in Nigeria and abroad. However, generally people choose to trade domestically, besides it being easier and there is a lot of choice, the cost also tends to be cheaper. You can go to a bank, an airport or an authorized exchange service. If you are forced to trade abroad, give preference to using an ATM with clear security.

Can I exchange dollars for naira at the bank?

You can exchange dollars for naira at the bank, although the exchange rate at the bank is usually lower than Money Changer. Banks usually ask for documents to confirm your identity.

Is it safe to exchange money at a bureau de change?

Changing money at exchange offices is safe provided they have official permission.

What should you pay attention to before exchanging money?

In order to get the best exchange rate, you must first research: which one has the highest exchange rate? Is the Naira exchange rate up or down today? If you are good at math, also consider the Naira exchange rate difference against two different currencies. If you want to exchange naira to US dollars, you can first convert them to euros and then exchange your euros to US dollars if you want high exchange rates.

Should you consider buying and selling rates before trading money?

If you want to get the best price, it’s a good idea to first check the sell rate and buy from the money changer of your choice. Each bank, money changer and other money changer usually has a different exchange rate, so choose the one that suits you best.

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