UBXS token launched by Bixos in the real estate space

  • UBXS will be launched by the company Bixos recognized in blockchain technology
  • DeFi and the metaverse offer a unique proposition to all investors
  • The physical and virtual world will be encountered in the metaverse

Bixos has created the UBXS token on the BSC network as a resource that will be used in the Defi blockchain and further used to trade NFTs that are supposed to push the cohesive tasks of the virtual and terrestrial industry.

Just as the real universe is an assortment of universes associated in space, the metaverse is a common 3D virtual world, or universes, that are intuitive, cooperative and alive. The metaverse fills in as the extension between the physical and virtual universes.

DeFi Universe

In the meantime, UBXS addresses the decentralized base of the metaverse, combining the physical and virtual worlds through terrestrial activity. The UBXS token can be used to purchase resources in computer-generated universes of experience created on the BSC organization.

As a general rule, everyone must claim a house; it’s for the most part at the highest point of most people’s daily agendas. Nevertheless, a similar desire extends to virtual space, and virtual customers are racing to secure land and build a home in the metaverse.

Bixos’ responsibility for homes rises above virtual space into the real world. With a solitary exchange in the Bixos organization, customers can claim a real house without pressure by purchasing the NFT version of the ideal real house.

Along the same lines, Bixos customers can also actually sell their bequeathed properties in exchange for real NFT-stamped virtual homes, making them a landowner of a virtual world. Bixos achieves this by changing the responsibility for the declaration of domicile for NFTs and publishing it worldwide.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality caused ripple effects starting around 2010, when the main model of the Oculus Rift spearhead was introduced. From then on, innovation behemoths like Samsung, Microsoft and Google perceived the capacity of the recreated conditions and jumped on the short-lived trend of virtual reality.

Many companies have recently seen the positive use of blockchain innovation in their space, especially in the land sector.

Land activity remains the main resource of the planet. Despite the fact that blockchain has been around for just over 10 years, the benefits of this computer-based strategy for moving resources are still far off for many business owners.

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The UBXS Token (Utility Bixos Token) means being aware of future Bixos projects, introducing Bixos, gathering a group of people, increasing reserves and deciding the initial cost of the BXS Token.

UBXS Token will help backers get BXS Token faster and easier.

A representative of the organization said: With the framework, we will ensure that our customers’ resources are subject to the most extreme assurance with the double encryption framework by adding the approval system (legal counsel approval or subsequent approval) to your NFT movements.

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