TrueAchievements server maintenance is happening tomorrow

Last month we had site downtime while replacing one of our main servers after experiencing various hardware issues causing errors with our database.

Unfortunately, we continued to see issues on the replacement server. To remedy this, we took expert advice and ordered an even more powerful server from a completely different manufacturer. We will be moving all databases to the new server tomorrow, January 18.

While we’re backing up and restoring data, we’ll need to put the site in “read-only” mode and disable Xbox scanners.

The site will still be online, but it will be put in ‘read-only’ mode to prevent any loss of data while we make the move.

It means:

  • Scanners will be disabled – your Achievements and Gamerscore will not update during the move
  • No posting solutions
  • No Comments on Friend Streams
  • No posting in forums or on the news
  • No voting on solutions
  • No game rating
  • No completion estimates
  • No player objective creation
  • No status updates
  • etc

Work is due to start at 9:15 UTC and we expect everything to be back up and running around 11:00.

Note: When the scanners work again, they collect all the achievements you earned during the downtime…there is no need to stop playing!

Thank you for your patience during this time, and we hope this will be the last step for at least a year!



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