The Whaleys find a token of peace amid Zack’s rubble


DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – A Dothan staple since 2006, Zack’s Family restaurant on Headland Avenue was devastated on Saturday night just after 10 p.m. as the interior of the building was engulfed in flames.

Owner Zack Whaley says he and his wife Dianne are managing during this time. He tells News 4 that they plan to meet with community restaurants very soon, and a few of them have already reached out and offered to temporarily hire some of his employees.

The Whaleys have also received an outpouring of love and prayers from many of their longtime customers.

“That’s what really drives me and Dianne anyway, is the fact that our community loves us, and they always have,” Whaley said. “They poured in in undesirable hot, cold or rainy weather, and we’ve just been blessed over the years. We have been in business for 27 years and every day is a blessing.

The restaurant is currently closed due to the fire, with no specific timetable for its reopening. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Whaleys have found a piece of hope among all the rubble and ash left by the destructive flames. A sign hanging in front of the restaurant, seen as soon as the door is opened, just below what used to be the cash register.

The top of the sign is slightly charred, but it is still very legible, “In God We Trust”. The Whaleys say it brings them peace.

“It always enriches us. Everything we need to do spiritually for the Lord because it is in Him that we place our trust, our rest and our hope and everything concerning our business comes from the Lord. But it’s amazing,” Whaley said.

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