The Lumina PDC2 Abandoned Server Password


Locked doors that can only be opened with passwords are a thing in Tower of Fantasy. In fact, there are many closed doors that need passwords scattered all over planet Aida. However, sometimes players may come across other locked items that require passwords, such as some weird devices.

One of these devices in Tower of Fantasy is the PDC2 located atop the Lumina, which is a wrecked ship found southeast of the Crown Mines area. Once players reach the PDC2 device, it will ask for a password to open its barrier and offer its loot.


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What is the PDC2 password in Tower Of Fantasy

The PDC2 password in Tower of Fantasy is 7268. Just like the other locked barriers in Tower of Fantasy, the PDC2 device needs a password to deconstruct its barrier. To find the password, players must find at least three abandoned servers scattered around the Lumina ship.

Each server will present a number, and then wanderers can combine those numbers once they reach the PDC2 device. If players find three abandoned servers, they can put in three provided numbers and run through the missing number until the barrier is unlocked.

How to find the PDC2 password in Tower Of Fantasy

As mentioned earlier, three dropped servers are enough to deconstruct the PDC2 device in Tower of Fantasy. The first abandoned server can be found in the middle of Lumina’s bridge, located next to two containers. The server will present the number seven as the first number to unlock the barrier.

The second PDC2 abandoned server is a bit hard to find in Tower of Fantasy. To find it, players must head south of the Lumina, then take the stairs and find a narrow space between two walls. There, the abandoned server will give the number six as the third digit needed to deconstruct the PDC2 device.

Finally, the last abandoned server can be found southwest of the Lumina bridge. Players can find it just before reaching the stairs that lead them to the second abandoned server. This time, eight is the number displayed when interacting with the server.

After all of this, players need to climb the tallest building in the Lumina Ship to find the PDC2 device. Press it and put seven as the first digit. The second digit is unknown, so players must cycle through all digits from zero to nine. And finally, download the last two digits that were previously found through the abandoned servers, which are six and eight.

After opening the PDC2 device, players will receive a Gold Nucleus. It may seem like a small prize, but it allows people to pull the standard banner, and any pull could be a new SSR, so that’s important. Well, it’s not as big as Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy as the reds allow players to draw limited characters which can take a long time to return in a repeat banner.

fancy tower is available to play on iOS and Android devices.

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