STARTrading unveils its new data-driven Forex method, which aims to reduce the time spent trading


London, UK – (Newsfile Corp. – July 18, 2022) – STARTtrading, the Forex Mentoring Company, has announced the introduction of its new trading methodology. This is called the “STARTrading method”, which focuses on technical analysis rather than a more fundamental analysis of the markets.

STARTrading’s The recently unveiled strategy revolves around a data-driven approach to Forex trading, with senior company officials stressing that the ultimate goal is to help mentees become more efficient in their trading and have more time to spend as they please. The company aims to teach its mentees how to improve their understanding of the technical aspects of trading, such as chart anatomy, profit maximization, risk assessments and the use of multiple timeframes.

The company’s announcement comes in light of the fact that the pandemic has caused the company’s ordinary employees to question their job security, with unemployment in the United States up 1.4 million in 2020. This situation has been exacerbated by the current economic crisis, with inflation reaching a 40 years tall and the Fed raising interest rates.

This has led many people to turn to trading as a way to earn extra income and thus spread their risk. The Forex market has seen an increase in transactions of 29% since 2016 and is currently worth $2.409 quadrillion, with $6.6 billion each traded in the forex markets. During the pandemic, Forex trading increased by 300%.

Trade is inevitably affected by the geopolitics of rival countries, placing investments in vulnerable positions. The STARTrading method aims to avoid these factors by providing strategies that focus primarily on technical analysis based on patterns, indicators and trade price studies rather than outside factors. STARTrading’s strategies have been tested for almost 20 years and have stood the test of time regardless of the economic or political context.

Lewis CromptonCEO of STARTrading, emphasizes that “The STARTrading method aims to make investors self-sufficient and independent when investing and trading. Achieving this level of independence can take any amount of time, depending on the trader’s willingness to learn But, with the right training, this can be done in just 30 minutes of trading a day, and STARTrading’s new system will help investors achieve that degree of efficiency. they are willing to work with the process and the effort they put in.”

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