SPIE: chosen by Kinaxia to transform its server infrastructure


Malakoff, January 27, 2021 –SPIE ICS, the French digital services subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has signed a contract with Kinaxia, a French company specializing in solutions for real estate professionals and member of the Septéo group, to overhaul its server infrastructure.

Kinaxia is experiencing strong growth and must therefore develop its infrastructure and increase its storage capacity to meet its new needs. Its previous infrastructure was based on OpenStack[1] technology that was no longer fit for purpose or compliant with new safety standards.

Efficient and scalable infrastructure

The solution offered by SPIE ICS is based on a new hyperconverged infrastructure that is scalable and compatible with different operating systems. This infrastructure is based on a VMware virtualization solution which has enabled us to reduce the number of physical servers. The solution makes it possible to reuse several components of the old infrastructure in order to preserve the initial investment of the company.

Security has been reinforced by the implementation of a disaster recovery plan. “The capacities of the machines have been studied so that, if one of the two Kinaxia buildings suffers an internet failure or a power outage, the other can cover all the essential needs (account, file, name servers , badge),“explains Michaël Levy, Business Engineering Leader at SPIE ICS.

Custom implementation for Kinaxia

SPIE ICS supported the company from the design phase of the new infrastructure to its production launch. The installation was carried out by the technical teams of SPIE ICS, who were able to carry out the work in two months, without any production stoppage.

Particular attention was paid to the transfer of expertise, allowing Kinaxia teams to gain autonomy in the use of their infrastructure.

Simon Jaugey, CTO at Kinaxia, explains: “the majority of our customer orders go through tools developed in-house. Our performance and reliability needs are very specific and the various business teams rely on our infrastructure to provide the expected level of service. This is why we have been particularly attentive to the robustness and scalability of this solution.“.

SPIE ICS’ expertise in hyperconvergence, a booming market that aims to simplify data center administration by combining compute, storage, networking and virtualization components into a single system, has recently strengthened with the acquisition of Infidis, announced in July 2021.

[1] OpenStack is an open source software suite providing cloud computing infrastructure


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