Server malfunction affects ration distribution


Dealers urge government. to extend the last date for the February ration until March 5

Dealers urge government. to extend the last date for the February ration until March 5

Aadhaar server malfunction in Hyderabad negatively affected the ration distribution system in the state for about a week. Ration dealers have petitioned the government for an extension of the ration distribution deadline for the month, but with little response.

There is only one day left for the distribution of rations for February. Aadhaar server malfunction is common after 11am. A consumer must swipe five to six times on the electronic point-of-sale (ePoS) device in order to obtain the one-time password. As a result, dealerships struggle to satisfy more than ten consumers a day.

“It happens every month. We had gone to Hyderabad with the Minister of Food and Civil Supplies, GR Anil, to get to the bottom of the matter. We were told that a help desk would be set up to deal with such kind of issues, but nothing has happened so far,” says T. Mohammed Ali, General Secretary of the All Kerala Ration Dealers’ Association.

Meanwhile, poor internet connectivity is also worrying dealers. “Many of us don’t get the signal on some days due to the fault of the mobile service providers and are forced to resort to WiFi to do the distribution,” Ali said, adding that the IT department didn’t was unable to provide any signal. Solution.

Dealers suggest simpler technology to facilitate the distribution of rations in the future. With more than 40 lakh consumers yet to receive their ration, dealers have asked the government to extend the last date of the February ration until March 5.

Mr. Ali along with Association President Johnny Nellore and Treasurer Abbobakker Haji had asked the Civil Food and Supplies Department to extend the date, but the decision is pending.


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