Server 2019 – Configuring non-ADDS user permissions


Hi people.

So I tried to configure my Windows Server 2019 without ADDS (like with ADDS failed, DNS problem) so that I can allow certain people to access (remote desktop) my server, but for specific users I would strongly like restrict their access to administrative functions and settings. They are set to Users without admin access, but I want to further restrict access and have their access to Control Panel etc. is deactivated. The problem is that they can still install programs not required with admin elevation. I’d also like to limit how much access they have through the start menu.

Take, for example, colleges and libraries; although their servers use ADDS etc, they can still limit what users can access when logging in. I need something where I can monitor the screen if needed without the user being aware and restrict access to things they shouldn’t be using. I searched on Google for such software, but most of them are paid products or 7-day trials.

Unfortunately when I tried to configure ADDS it didn’t work the way I wanted so I had to remove it. But removing the server from the domain resulted in the loss of some data. (not good)

Using local security policy etc, but need something more to restrict what specifics a user can access. I also want to disable the use of things like the command prompt, but I don’t want it disabled for admin accounts.


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