Ryze’s win rate plummets after kit nerfs and Winter’s Approach in League


League of Legends Patch 12.7 aimed to put the game in a better state for MSI, the first international tournament of the year. With this focus on pro play, one recognizable champion in particular took a hit to his solo queue win rate, which may not bode well for the competition ahead.

Ryze, a champion known for his seemingly endless amounts of tweaks since his debut alongside the global release of League, suffers in its current state due to huge nerfs in patch 12.7. Between the direct nerfs to his kit and the indirect nerfs to his favorable items, Ryze currently sits at a 41.55% win rate in platinum and above, according to U.GG.

This patch, targeting Ryze due to his overwhelming presence in pro gaming across the world, took some power out of Ryze’s Q scaling with his mana. To compensate, the ability gained five percent on its AP ratio. But that wasn’t enough to explain the Rune Mage’s biggest indirect nerf: the Winter’s Approach item nerfs.

This element, included in the 2022 pre-season additions, has been critical to Ryze’s success in professional gaming. In addition to granting users health, ability speed, and a large amount of mana, the item could also evolve similarly to Manamune and the Archangel’s Staff. As it evolves, Winter’s Approach becomes Fimbulwinter, granting even higher stats and allowing Ryze to become tanky without taking away his mage abilities.

As part of patch 12.7, Winter’s Approach received heavy nerfs to its cost and some of the stats it grants. Due to these factors, Ryze is now struggling to rush this item as its first full purchase and has no other major building avenues to build on due to its importance to Ryze since release. As a result, Ryze’s win rate dropped to one of the lowest ratings he’s ever reached.

Another champion who got overworked by this patch was Zeri, though she received hotfix buffs yesterday to explain her sub-50% win rate. It’s unclear if Ryze will receive the same treatment or if Riot will re-evaluate the Rune Mage in a future patch.


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