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Rockset today announced the launch of a new integration in SQL Server that will allow customers to continuously index production data as it hits the relational database and deliver sub-second analytics on those data.

Rockset is a relational database designed to allow customers to run real-time analytics on fast-moving data. One of the key elements of the offer is its convergent index, which indexes all fields of customer data, including structured data but also JSON, geographical and chronological data. Once indexed, Rockset uses SQL to query the data, which can include joins, window functions, sorts, aggregations, and sorts, among others.

New integration with SQL Server will allow customers to move away from batch-oriented ETL workflows and instead use change data capture (CDC) functionality to capture new data as it enters the database. relational data, the company said.

Combining CDC with the Rockset Index provides clients with a new ability to analyze fast-changing data, says Shruti Bhat, chief product officer at Rockset.

“While major cloud providers now offer ways to leverage changes as they happen in the form of database CDC feeds, most warehouses are not equipped to consume and analyze these real-time CDC feeds,” Bhat said in a press release. “As a real-time analytics platform built for the cloud, Rockset is fully tweakable to gracefully handle upserts and stay in sync with SQL Server tables, in real time.”

According to Rockset, the new integration will allow analysts to query data generated in SQL Server using visualization tools such as Tableau, Retool, Redash and Superset. It will also allow customers to build new applications that incorporate real-time analytics in the areas of e-commerce, logistics, delivery tracking, game rankings, fraud detection systems, health trackers and fitness and social media news feeds, the company said.

The San Mateo, California-based company offers a collection of integrations and connectors for a variety of data sources, including data buses like Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis; NoSQL databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB; and relational databases like PostgreSQL and, now, SQL Server.

Rockset was founded by former Facebook engineers, including some of the team that developed Newsfeed and Search. Venkat Venkataramani, co-founder and CEO of the company, is also a Datanami person to watch for 2022.

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