$Rocket Token Takes the Market by Storm


The Rocketpad team announced that they quickly reached 75% of the presale token allocation, hitting the mark within 48 hours of the start.

Remember that the hard cap for the presale is 300,000 $ADA, of which more than 75% has been sold.

utility token

$ROCKET is the utility token of ROCKETPAD and its multiple use case is built on the Cardano blockchain which will power the ROCKETPAD ecosystem, $ROCKET Token will be used as a subscription token to navigate our Rocketpad IoT Launchpad.

How to Acquire $Rocket in Presale


Presale details:

Distribution of the sale:

Allocation: $22,500,000 million

$Rocket is currently selling at.

Price: 1 ADA = $75 ROCKET

Min/Max contribution

Min—300 ADA

Max—30,000 ADA

Supported wallets

The $ROCKET token is a native Cardano token, so you can participate by sending ADA to the seed selling address using any Cardano-supported wallet, which includes but is not limited to this which follows below.

  • Yoroi Wallet
  • Adalite Wallet
  • Daedalus Wallet
  • Nami Wallet

Users must purchase and stake at least the designated minimum amount for their desired allocation level before the IDO snapshot is taken.

About Rocketpad

Rocketpad IoT is a decentralized accelerator that connects experts, investors, and startups to more effectively coordinate the blockchain community and build trust within it. It will create a beneficial ecosystem for all its members.

Rocketpad IoT is ideal for startups aiming to increase cryptocurrency investments. It is an ecosystem where teams with ideas, experts and investors can interact efficiently and securely to create projects, launch projects and encourage funding.

Rocketpad is the next generation of blockchain launchpads that fixes major flaws affecting existing launchpads. Rocketpad will benefit everyone who holds the $Rocket utility token and provides a fair start that allows all customers to invest in the best upcoming Cardano-based projects.

Launchpad platform

The real difference between RocketPad Launchpad and the others is that anyone with a $Rocket token will have the opportunity to participate in the platform.

Our system is a transparent and accurate system that provides our users with the right incentive to collect and keep tokens and support any project started.

The Rocketpad Difference is a five-dimensional tier system that promises to assign an allowance to each tier tier. No good gods, no lotteries, no bots; only well-distributed rewards for all participants based on their $Rocket stake.

Rocketpad provides cryptocurrency services and the ability to distribute tokens and fundraise. With an advanced tier system, he found a solution to motivate and reward all $Rocket token holders in a way that includes everyone who has the token, not just 1% more, bots or good luck, as well as fewer barriers to entry.

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