Riders Republic is experiencing server and service issues during Free Play Weekend


Republic of Horsemen had a disappointing weekend after servers started crashing intermittently during their free play weekend. What started as a simple disconnection issue has now become a full-fledged service issue that prohibits players from creating player creation photos and disables opponents in single player events.

This is probably the best time to jump in Republic of Horsemen while the Winter Olympics are in the forefront internationally. Unfortunately for gamers looking to try out the game during their free play weekend, you won’t get the full Republic of Horsemen experience. Ubisoft has informed its players that what started as a simple server issue has turned into a service issue that now affects all user-generated content (UGC) in the game.

This means that players will not be able to take and post photos of, or view computer-controlled “player-opponents” during single player play. Opponents are computer players who imitate other real players who have participated in a particular event. This way the game feels alive with other players, even if you’re hosting events solo. It can also help players who want to use their opponents as guides to guide them through the toughest races.

Currently there is no estimated time for a patch, and hopefully the free play weekend will be extended so that the influx of new players can try the game again as it was meant to be played. If you’ve been on the fence when it comes to gambling Republic of Horsemen you should check out our full in-depth review. Republic of Horsemen released in October and is currently available on PC as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles. You can also experience Republic of Horsemen which is included as part of Ubisoft+ a subscription service that provides access to many of Ubisoft’s most popular titles.


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