Revival Introduces New DEX and New Governance Token


New York, NY, November 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) Revival has created a platform where users can diversify, grow, and protect their crypto investments while earning BNB rewards. Revival also strives to create a fundamental foundation for individuals, businesses and crypto startups to grow and thrive in the DeFi industry.

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Any investor holding RVL 10 billion or more automatically receives reflections and can watch their crypto portfolio grow in real time via the “Revival Wallet Connect” feature. Investors can withdraw their BNB at any time or reinvest the rewards into the Revival Protocol to generate more income.

The team behind the platform are fully doxxed and scrutinized to inspire investor confidence in the DeFi platform. The project has also subjected its smart contract to an audit by DessertSwap to assure Revival investors that their funds are in good hands.

RevivalDex: a new way to earn rewards

The Revival team is excited to present their new DEX platform which provides more options for RVL holders to earn more dividends. DEX facilitates the expansion of the BNB reward system on Revival, which has so far issued over 1,100 BNB rewards to cardholders.

The RevivalDEX will enhance this reward system by incorporating a new option allowing holders to wager their RVL and earn more tokens. Holders can also wager RVL to pocket VVL, the platform’s new governance token.

The DEX also allows the team to create many additional pairs for the RVL token, giving holders more options than just the RVL / BNB.

New tokens soon to be available for pairing with RVL include major USDT and BUSD stablecoins. Introducing more pairs is great for Revival; it allows the DeFi project to expand its reach and build a cryptocurrency compatible with mass adoption.

Users should add equal amounts of any available pair, for example RVL / USDT or RVL / BNB, to the liquidity pool (LP) through RevivalDEX. They then get an LP token which serves as proof that a holder owns that part of the liquidity. LP holders can use this placeholder token to redeem their cash pair at any time.

Earn more on Revival Farms and DripPools

RevivalDEX is designed to be dynamic and offers token holders various options to earn more BEP-20 tokens just by holding them. It introduces a new “Farms” tab on which holders can leverage their LP tokens to generate more RVL or VVL.

Investors have a different “wrapper” option that allows them to “wrap” the RVL into the WRVL, a token of equal value at all times that is transferable in an equal amount of RVL. Holders can add their WRVL to a Revival cash pool and use it to receive rewards in RVL or VVL.

An even easier way to generate more passive income is to use Revival Drift pools. This option allows users to lock RVL or VVL for a day, week or month and receive lucrative rewards.

About the VVL Governance Token

VVL is the CEX-centric RVL add-on token that allows the community to vote on the future development of the Revival Project.

The newly launched token supports the Revival DeFi system by working with RVL to provide additional options to holders. VVL introduces an easier way to provide rewards and fills in the gaps within the Revival ecosystem that RVL cannot fill on its own.

Connect with the Revival community

Revival is dedicated to fostering the growth of DeFi while providing investors with various ways to generate passive income streams. The project is developing “Kickstand”, a unique all-in-one crowdfunding application that allows users to create, view and fund upcoming projects.

Investors can join the Revival movement by buying RVL on PancakeSwap and FEGex. They can follow the evolution of the token price on the crypto ranking sites CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

To learn more about Project Revival and its new DEX, or connect with the rapidly growing community with over 10,000 holders, please check out the resources below:

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