Return of the classic Monopoly token and the end of the T-Rex


Fans recently had the opportunity to vote on the retired Monopoly token that should be brought back for the 2023 version of the board game.

The results of a recent election to bring back a vintage Monopoly token were released by Hasbro.

Fans who have visited the Monopoly website can vote on whether the Wheelbarrow, Horseshoe, Horse and Rider, Thimble, Boot or Bag of Money should be brought back. The result was not the least bit close.

T-Rex was rejected again

The Thimble will return in the next edition of Monopoly, which will be released in the spring of 2023, after garnering 30% of the popular vote.

The Penguin, T-Rex, Rubber Duck, Scottie Dog, Hazel Cat, Top Hat, Battleship, and Race Car were all set to vote, as were the Penguin, T-Rex, Rubber Ducky, Scottie Dog, Hazel the Cat, Top Hat, Battleship and Race Car.

The T-Rex was again rejected, almost universally. You will need to acquire the current version of Monopoly before next spring if you want to play with the dinosaur.

Nearly half of all Monopoly players admit to making up rules, with 69% of fans even admitting to not reading them, according to a new

“After winning the most votes in the Monopoly Throwback Token Vote campaign, Hasbro today announced that the Thimble Token will return to the next iteration of the Monopoly game next spring.”

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The digital version of the game used in the study was created and distributed by Marmalade Game Studio.

According to the creator of the Monopoly app, common invented rules include avoiding tax places, avoiding auctions and buying hotels too early.

“After the fearsome dinosaur couldn’t fight the fans – garnering the most votes to leave the game – the ‘sewing buddy’ will take his place.”

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