Render Token Price Prediction: RNDR Trading Higher as Outlook Improves

Render Token Price Prediction 2022: For the next 24 hours, the momentum for RNDR coin is expected to be bullish. The current outlook is Positive (Positive: 100% Negative: 0%)

The latest render token price (RNDR) is:

Rendering Token Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Rendering Token Price Prediction 2022: Social Media Buzz

RNDR Price Prediction: Market cap and volume


Market capitalization ranking



Total market capitalization

$396 million


24 hour volume



The Google search volume for Render Token is upper than its level of the last 24 hours.

Render Token Price Prediction 2022: Latest Videos

Render Token Price Prediction: Today’s Outlook






To sell

Market capitalization ranking


Google search traffic


Trade Volume


Social media buzz (compared to others)


Render Token Price Prediction 2022: What is Render Token?

Render Token or RNDR is a distributed GPU rendering network that is created on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. The main goal of Render Token is to connect different studios and artists who need GPU computing power with the help of mining partners who are willing to rent the GPU capacities they have.

Created by OTOY, Inc. in 2009 and launched in 2017 by OTOY CEO Jules Urbach, the first token sale for RNDR took place in the month of October, and that too in the same year. During this time, the sale of approximately 117,843,239 RNDR took place at the price of 1 RNDR = 0.25 USD equivalent to the token.

The current price of Render Token is $1.56, it has fallen by 0.03% in the last 24 hours. Render Token’s all-time high (ATH) of $8.75 was reached on November 21, 2021 and is currently down -82.2%. The maximum supply of Render Tokens that will ever be issued is 530.96 million tokens. Additionally, the current circulating supply of RNDR would be approximately 242.71 million tokens.

Render Token Price Prediction 2022: Analysts Estimate

Render Token Price Prediction 2022: Is Render Token a good investment?

When deciding whether Render Token is a good investment option or not, you must first consider all the risk and reward factors associated with the token. Only after a proper short-term and long-term prediction of RNDR prices can one correctly say whether investing in Render Token will be a good idea or not.

According to CryptoAcademy data and predictions, Render Token prices are expected to increase to a maximum value of $6.5. Thus, it can be predicted that making an investment in Render Token and that too in 2022 will be a good idea.

In the case of the long-term forecast, by 2026, the maximum price of Render Token is expected to reach an average of around $23.5.

Render Token Price Prediction 2022: How can you buy RNDR?

For those interested in purchasing Render Token or RNDR, the following steps are mentioned to make the process easier.

  • Select a Crypto exchange that supports RNDR.
  • Create an account with the Exchange.
  • Verify Your Identity.
  • Fund the wallet.
  • Make the purchase.

Where can you buy RNDR?

Mentioned below are a few exchanges that offer the option to buy Render Token or RNDR.

  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • FTX

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