Rare reduces number of ships per server in Sea of ​​Thieves


This ocean ain’t big enough for the six of us

Online games require constant improvement, balancing and tweaking. This is especially true for live games, like Sea of ​​Thieves. Recently the game was updated to allow more ships on a given server, but after player feedback Rare decided to call it back.

The change made earlier this month allowed a maximum of six different ships and sixteen players per server. While you might think more ships might be more exciting, the outcome left a lot to be desired. After some quick math, having six ships and sixteen players on a server meant that each ship would have an average of 2.6 crew members.

Not only is this impractical from a gameplay standpoint, but it spoiled gameplay performance. Sure, PC and Xbox Series X|S might be able to handle more ships, but Sea of ​​Thieves needs to be functional on Xbox One as well.

To smooth things out, Rare reduced the number of ships on a server from six to five. However, up to sixteen players can still join a server. This changes the average number of crew members per ship and the different types of ships they can pilot.

Four years after its launch, Sea of ​​Thieves still enjoys a respectable number of players. You can bet Rare will continue to add more content and support the game like they have. Sea of ​​Thieves is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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