Pokémon GO developers respond after server issues ruining Turtwig’s spotlight


Pokémon GO developer Niantic responded to players after server crashes during Turtwig’s recent Spotlight Hour left many fans disappointed.

Developer Niantic responded to fans after a server crash hampered the recent Pokémon GO Turtwig’s spotlight hour. The Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour was scheduled to take place on November 16, but for a while players were unable to log into their accounts, preventing fans from participating in the Hour.

Spotlight Hours are similar to Community Days in that they promote specific Pokémon for one hour. Much like Community Days, players can earn double the candy, stardust, and experience when catching Pokémon, and the highlighted Pokémon will have an increased chance of appearing as a shine. Each month hosts one Spotlight Hour per week, with Turtwig being the first Sinnoh newbie in November to get a Spotlight Hour, and Chimchar and Piplup soon having their own events in the coming weeks. This is in part to celebrate the upcoming release of Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl.


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Towards the start of the Turtwig Spotlight Hour in Europe, the servers unexpectedly shut down and players were unable to log into their accounts. Reddit users such as Mystic (via Dexerto) were quick to point out that the servers were down, jokingly stating that Giovanni had taken revenge on the players. About 20 minutes later, Niantic Assistance confirmed on Twitter that the servers were backed up, but for some the damage was already done, as many trainers lost Pokémon they were catching. Without compensating players for the issue, Niantic thanked fans, stating:

Thank you for your patience, we have confirmed the resolution of the issue causing the previous downtime. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.. “

A response from Peddy180 states that they lost a Shiny Cresselia as a result of the server crash. Some players are also asking that the Spotlight Hour be redone to make up for lost time.

Niantic seems to face a lot of criticism for how Pokémon GO is handled. More recently, the award for the Pokémon GO Malunderstood Mischief Halloween Quest has been called by gamers to be a Two Star Dusknoir. Fans of the mobile game were upset that the 16-part quest yielded what many believe was an unsatisfactory reward after all of the work involved in obtaining the Pokémon.

While not all of the time has been wasted since the Turtwig event, 20 minutes is still a third of an hour, and given the short duration of the event, it’s understandable that players feel disappointed. It remains to be seen whether the Turtwig Spotlight Hour will be redone or not. Niantic has reprogrammed Pokémon GO Community days in the past due to circumstances such as COVID-19, as was the case for Abra Pokémon GO Community Day in March 2020, so the Spotlight Hour may be rescheduled. Niantic may not be able to restore the Pokémon lost in the crash, but making up for lost time would be a small way to compensate fans for this unfortunate incident in Pokémon GO.

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