PlayStation server issues prevent players from redeeming PS Plus and Now codes


Players rushing to trade a PS now or PSMore code before the start of new PlayStation Plus levels in May/June find that they are unable to redeem them after Sony’s servers were apparently overwhelmed and numerous server issues were experienced. Some players can redeem their codes, some can’t, and some can’t even access the subscription section of the Playstation Store website.

Why can’t I redeem my PS Plus code?

Those who try to redeem prepaid Playstation Plus codes receive an error stating, “The prepaid card could not be redeemed. Please try again later.” This is likely due to an error with Sony’s PlayStation servers as people try to take advantage of the PS Plus Premium upgrade they will receive if they have both PS Plus and PS Now active at the time the new PS Plus tiers are introduced, Sony is unlikely to intentionally block their redemption, especially since players can still purchase 1-month, 3-month and 12-month PS Plus subscriptions on the Playstation Store Sony has yet to acknowledge the PS Plus code server issues, but we expect the servers to be fixed soon.

Players were also initially having issues redeeming Playstation Now codes, but many ResetEra users report that their codes have since been redeemed and membership has been added to their account as usual. Those wishing to activate or extend a PS Now subscription in time to use the upgrade will need to obtain a code from a retailer. Sony has now removed the option to purchase all durations of PS Now subscriptions from the Playstation Store.

In other news, Playstation Now is said to have lost over 50 games throughout May in preparation for the upgrade to new PS Plus tiers. More games are expected to be added to the list as the month progresses. Elsewhere, the Japanese island of Tsushima is gearing up to sell official Ghost of Tsushima merchandise to visitors.


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