Pflugerville School District proposes tax rate for 2022-23


The Pflugerville School Board has proposed a tax rate of $1.388 per $100 of assessment for the 2022-23 school year. The proposed rate is the same as that of 2021-22.

The board will vote on the tax rate on August 18.

“We’re using last year’s tax rate because that’s the top tax rate we think we’ll set for the district,” district chief financial officer Jennifer Land said at the July 14 meeting.

Land said the proposed tax rate likely won’t be the one the board passes in August. The rate is set to be published as a public notice to the community in accordance with state requirements.

The board is expected to adopt a lower tax rate of $1.264 at the August meeting, Land said. The decrease of $0.10 would come from the interest and the decreasing part of the rate, which is used to pay off the debt.

The lower rate would allow the district to use “gold and copper” funds that would not be subject to recoupment and would bring in more money for the district, Land said.

“It would provide $7.5 million in net incremental revenue to the school district,” Land said.

The school board also unanimously approved a request for a low attendance waiver for the 2021-22 school year due to declining enrollment.

The district or campuses may request an exclusion from instructional days if the day of attendance is 10 percentage points lower than the previous school year due to inclement weather, health, or safety concerns. The district identified 16 campuses that met the criteria.

The waiver must be submitted before the end of July.

“It’s something that will increase our funding,” Land said. “We’re not going for a substantial amount, not a million dollars, but at this point I think we need to make sure we’re good stewards and we’re trying to capture whatever revenue we can.”

She did not specify how much money the district would save if the waiver were granted.


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