PARTLY FACETIOUS: Forex reserves get much-needed boost – Opinion


“OK, so foreign exchange reserves are up again…”

“The begging bowl reserves.”

“Well, it’s no different than The Khan’s or Dar’s tenure or…”

“Attack is the best form of defense, huh!” »

“And in response to that proverb, Russians say they don’t need to be afraid of enemies because all they can do is attack. They don’t have to fear their friends because the best they can do is betray them. But they have much to fear from indifferent people.

“Well, the Khan shouldn’t be afraid because nobody, except nobody, is indifferent if you know what I mean.”

“Well, I have to say that our politicians, all of them, have the capacity to generate emotions – love, hate, anger, jealousy – but there is absolutely no room for indifference.”

“OK, so what is the begging bowl? I mean, why is it always projected as an accomplishment?”

“This is how the cookie collapses here, moreover this achievement has never been at the level of the Minister of Finance. I mean if Miftah Ismail as finance minister was begging, I doubt any doors would open…”

“Ah but if he accompanies…”

“It’s true and it’s been true of all finance ministers – Tarin, Sheikh, Umar, Ismail, Dar, Sheikh and Tarin again…”

“Given the deteriorating performance of all sectors on the basis of persistent poor governance and lack of original thinking, why do the people who appoint finance ministers get the same people over and over and over again until nausea…”

“You have to marvel at the nominators. Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. »

“Hmmm, so Dar is back, an accountant…”

“Fine but Dar, I want you to know she’s in the back seat this time.”

“The back seat of his own car!” The driver is not the owner of the company, he is an employee…”

“Is it less than 50,000 a month because it’s tax exempt?”

“Don’t be facetious, plus remember the nursery rhyme of Jack Sprat and his wife – he couldn’t eat fat and his wife couldn’t eat lean and together they licked the tray.”

“Well, the set is extremely large and…”

“Shut up.”

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