PA Restaurant of ‘The Office’ sues customer who took back $3,000 tip from server: report


A Pennsylvania restaurant known for being named in the NBC comedy series ‘The Office’ has sued a customer who left a $3,000 tip and then took it back, NYPost reports.

The manager of Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe in Scranton, a restaurant mentioned in a fourth-season episode of the show titled “Launch Party,” said the incident began in June, when a customer named Eric Smith left a $3,000 tip to server Mariana Lambert on a $13 order for a stromboli, the report said citing local news station WNEP.

Staff thought their concerns were over once the story went viral and the credit card bill was accepted – however, it wasn’t long before the company received a letter in the mail stating that Smith was fighting the tip fee, according to the outlet. .

After staff contacted Smith on Facebook and the customer stopped responding, Alfredo sued in hopes of recovering the lost $3,000.

“Unfortunately we had to file a complaint with the magistrate’s office because now we don’t have that money at this point,” manager Zachary Jacobson told the outlet. “And he told us to go after him. so that’s what we’re going to end up doing, I guess.

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