OctaFX trains 250 Rivers university students in forex


By Tony John, Port Harcourt

Currency broker OctaFX has launched a program to train 250 Nigerian students in forex trading at Rivers State University.

OctaFX senior strategist Ajola Johnson, who spoke at the event, said the company’s decision was necessitated by the level of unemployment among young graduates who are struggling to find jobs after obtaining their diploma.

“With the way the current university system, you find that people come into school, study their courses and leave without having any skills. Sometimes they are not able to apply what they have learned in school and some cannot keep a job after school. So we are designing this initiative because we understand that Nigerians have many lives,” she said.

“We can do different things at different times. So, this is designed to let students have something to do while studying in school. With this, one can get a college degree alongside a forex degree.

She said the initiative aims to distract young people from internet fraud and create an empowering platform where they can legitimately earn an income while they are in school or not.

“We just want to provide a clear path for young people to learn about the forex market and earn an income. This means that whenever young people want to trade currencies, the company creates a reliable platform,” Johnson said.

Speaking further, Johnson revealed that the initiative, having its first phase at Rivers State University, will be done on a project-by-project basis, adding that it will be maintained on a timeline each term.

“We intend to run programs like this at a number of universities, Port Harcourt being the first, we intend to give them the knowledge and support they need to gain independence finance,” she said.

“Two hundred and fifty students registered and present, there are more than 150 students in the process of learning. This will be on a project by project basis, this being the first of these, it will be maintained on a quarterly basis.

“We hope that those who arrived without any prior knowledge of forex trading, during the time of our training, will learn all about forex and become self-sufficient and become meaningful and responsible people in society.”


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