New World Update and Server Maintenance Schedule Today (March 29)


The following New world The update is due today (March 29) and brings some big changes to the Amazon Studios release.

And although the number of players has dropped considerably since its launch, there are still a good number of players waiting for the release of the latest patch. The good news is that Amazon has shared the load on what’s coming this week, including details on content coming to the game.

Here’s what we know so far about New world update and maintenance downtimes being planned on the servers.

New World | Winter Convergence Festival Trailer

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New World | Winter Convergence Festival Trailer





New world update time and server maintenance

Amazon has confirmed that a New World update will be released today, Tuesday, March 29, after server downtime ends. Maintenance of the New World server is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. BST (5:00 a.m. PST) and will last approximately two hours. During this time, the game will be unavailable, covering most basic functions and features. This also means that the New World update time is scheduled for around 3pm BST, and that will be when players can explore the latest content.

The latest March update for the game is called Heart of Madness and features the main storyline final quest. The final quest, Heart of the Storm, is given by Yseult Meredith, located at Mountain Home Outpost in Shattered Mountain. The Amazon team has also confirmed that additional repeatable quests will be available from Mara Rosa in the Cathedral just south of the Expedition entrance.

A message from Amazon adds: “The final showdown against Isabella has arrived, as you delve deep into the Tempest’s Heart Expedition. Pursue the Tempest into a corrupted dimension of reality, through the twisted capital of Myrkgard. Uncover the secrets of his past while delving deeper into his corrupted mind.

The Tempest’s Heart is an endgame expedition for 5 players. Recommended for level 60 players with Gearscores between 550 and 570. The New World dev team has also confirmed the release of the new Blunderbuss weapon, which provides another ranged option to choose from. The blunderbuss is described as offering great mobility coupled with powerful damage at close and medium range and is also the first weapon to scale on strength and intelligence, making it a good companion for murderer or mage builds . Adventurers will be able to progress through dual-weapon mastery trees, allowing the player to choose between playstyles.

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