New World Test Server Adds Mutated Expeditions to Endgame Content


New World just launched its public test server on January 6, and although it has a fairly limited capacity, it’s still a place for players to check out future MMO content. The first on the PTR is a Mutator system, which greatly increases the challenge of expeditions.

As detailed in the Amazon Games announcement, Mutators alter enemies in Expedition dungeons, “changing the way encounters play out and the strategies players should consider before battle.” In other words, Mutators give enemies new tricks up their sleeves that you will have to deal with. Each mutation has 10 difficulty levels, and the harder the enemies are to beat, the better their loot will be.

During this testing phase, the Mutators will rotate every 48 hours between three Expeditions: Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, and Lazarus Instrumentality. Players are encouraged to check each Expedition’s Recommended Gear Score before embarking, as this is especially important with the increased difficulty. We can help you increase your armor level if you need to craft better things.

Mutants seem like a good way to give established New World adventurers a new challenge, and Amazon has more new content on the way. A system of expertise is in the works (although some fans are not happy with it), and the Winter Convergence Festival is still underway at the time of this writing. This ends on January 11.


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