New crypto is booming right out of the gate


The cryptocurrency market today is down 3.70% overall, but there are still winners in the market. Animal Friends United (AFU) is up 415.77% today, bringing the AFU rate to $0.01023 (AFU/USD) and making it the big gainer in today’s crypto token.

AFU’s Path to Profits

This crypto hit the market just yesterday, with an early Thursday morning launch. It started at $0.001985. The price of AFU has mostly increased since then, increasing steadily hour by hour. However, late Friday morning, the rate rose significantly and rose from $0.003616 to $0.008654 in 30 minutes, more than doubling its value during that time. It has continued to soar ever since.

What is Animal Friends United? This new crypto is designed to take a portion of its profits and send them to causes that protect animals. The coin is supposed to fund animal shelters, animal charities and conservation efforts.

However, it should be noted that this is a new and unproven crypto, so there is a risk that it is unstable, vulnerable to hacking, or just a scam. There is little information about this coin on the web, including the specific charities and animal programs it supports.

Can Animal Friends United sustain its uptrend?

Because the AFU is so new, it is impossible to say how long this current uptrend will continue and if it can be sustained. However, it is unlikely to stay at its current rate of increase, so even if the price does not drop sharply the next day or two, we are unlikely to see similar huge price increases in the near future. coming.

AFU has a current trade volume of $5.5 million, so it is harder to manipulate than similar small cryptos. However, investors should wait and see if they can cash out their tokens and if trading platforms will allow them to use their AFU tokens to buy more trusted and proven coins.


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