New Crypto CatBoy (CATBOY) Records Impressive Gains Today


CatBoy cryptocurrency launched on March 2n/a and is today’s biggest earner. It saw an increase of 889.43% to reach a price of $0.04557 (CATBOY/USD).

CatBoy Vital Stats

This new crypto token was launched at $0.01151 and it remained quite stable for several days. All of a sudden, it shot up today, experiencing a bullish move that was nothing short of impressive.

CatBoy has a trading volume of $1,790,723.93, up 10,818.37% today. It’s incredibly impressive, but it may not last long. These types of price spikes rarely happen, especially when it comes to new cryptocurrency coins.

The project’s self-reported market capitalization is $4,544,935.10, although investors should be aware that very little publicly verified data is available for this project. It’s possible the numbers will change once third parties start verifying everything and CatBoy has been around for a bit longer.

It is currently ranked at #3066 on the cryptocurrency charts and can climb the charts quickly if its gains last a bit longer. It can be purchased on PancakeSwap (V2), for those who wish to invest.

What is CatBoy?

Because CatBoy is so new and not much is known about it, and it is undergoing a major evolution today, there are fears that it is a scam. We could see the next SquidGame Coin or just a promising new token taking off early in its lifecycle.

This token is a community developed NFT project. According to its whitepaper, it was designed by people who love anime, manga, comics, and pets. It’s meant to bring together a community of like-minded people who have the same interests and like to share memes about these things.

The CatBoy NFT Marketplace is designed to appeal to these particular communities and use a portion of its profits to donate to cat charities and financially challenged cat owners. The CatBoy app offers three different editions of NFT, which can be sold on the same CatBoy Marketplace.


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