MVC: Creating the ability for anyone to own a non-fungible token – at a fraction of the price


There’s no denying that NFTs are a big deal! Unfortunately, the cost barrier to entry is incredibly high. It’s getting harder and harder for those of us who are curious to delve deeper into the metaverse to get in on the action!

This is where Metaverse Competitions (MVC) is about to shake things up. Now, this innovative competition platform allows us all to potentially own an NFT – at a fraction of the price.

Founded by CEO Qasim Ahmed, MVC is a community-driven competition platform and gives people the opportunity to access some of the finest and most exclusive collectible NFTs by offering them as prizes to participants.

Most relevant and sought-after NFTs are worth thousands of dollars or more. In fact, recent data studies have shown that some of the largest NFT markets have crossed the $20 billion mark in all-time sales.

The NFT hype is the real deal.

MVC’s unique business model sells digital entry tickets at an affordable price of around $50 to win an existing or new NFT. Ticket prices will vary depending on the number of tickets available as well as the current floor price of the NFT.

Its operation is simple but very intelligent. MVC independently purchases the NFT before or during the ticket sales process. If they have not purchased the NFT before the start of the competition, it will be done when the tickets are sold. For example, if there are 2000 tickets available, MVC will buy the NFT once 1000 tickets are sold. The MVC team heightens the excitement and anticipation by choosing the lucky winner on a live stream.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well no! The MVC ownership of the NFT will be visible on their Opensea account page to verify authenticity. Once the contest is over, everyone will be able to see it transferred to the winner and it will be visible on their account.

As the MVC platform is also community-based, it means people can easily connect with other like-minded NFT fans. MVC’s overall vision is to grow this community, and in doing so, NFT competitions will become bigger and better!

Many of us want to get involved in this fascinating new sphere of the digital token world, but just don’t have the money to do so. MVC is now here to bridge that gap while maintaining the NFT exclusivity factor.

Qasim comments:

“NFTs are the biggest new thing. The prospect of the metaverse intrigues many of us digital natives, but the barriers to entry are currently very high to get a slice of the pie. Most NFTs from Relevant collection cost thousands and NFT novices may not have the capital to purchase one.

“With MVC, we wanted to give those people the ability to explore it, without needing wealth to buy the assets at their market floor price (a lot!). Essentially, you could own a collectible worth thousands by spending only around fifty dollars.

MVC is a true game changer in the NFT arena and is excited to see its growth in 2022 and beyond.

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For more information, quotes or interview requests, please contact Qasim Ahmed at [email protected]

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