Multi-Channel Dao, High Yield Deflationary Agricultural Token on Avalanche, MCD, Launched December 1


A new era of decentralized finance has arrived. Double Challenge 3.0, Multichain Dao is a hyper-deflationary lazy farming token built with the aim of democratizing the challenge of the less tech savvy. Users buy the token on a blockchain, and the team leverages a portion of their purchase and returns the profit as value in the form of redemptions.

Each $ MCD token represents a share in the Dao and a vote in governance. Users can vote on farms and projects to invest protocol cash. Each transaction on Multichain Dao carries a fixed tax of 12% which goes to the treasury and a small portion used for reflections. As the funds accumulate in the treasury, they are linked to several blockchains that host protocols and farms with the best returns. Profits from these farms are then used to redeem $ MCD from exchanges and are 100% burnt there to buy by reducing existing $ MCD tokens and increasing prices.

Multi chain dao built a sustainable version of the original multi chain farming token Multi-chain capital (MCC). On their medium-sized blog, Multichain dao claims that they have systems in place to make their token deflationary and extremely rare. In addition, the protocol intends to launch on 5 different blockchains one after the other to attract more investors. Multichain Dao also appears to have opted for typical redemptions and burns as a replacement for the liquid redemption system offered by MCC.

According to official channels, Multichain dao aims to launch its token on the main network of the Avalanche C channel on December 1. Interested attendees / buyers are welcome to join the team’s Discord server for further updates. At the time of writing, the project had gathered 800 interested parties on Twitter and nearly 1,000 Discord members.

According to the team, “We would be a fair launch with no team tokens / fund allocations. In MCD $ more trades go to the treasury with much less thinking, so we would expect minimal selling pressure. “

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