Modern Warfare 2 beta servers down? Check MW2 Server Status


Are the Modern Warfare 2 beta servers currently down? The long-awaited beta of MW2 is finally here! The next iteration of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty features a host of exciting new features, improvements, and additions that need to be tested first. In September, there will be two beta weekends, one for PlayStation players and another for cross-play. In this guide, you’ll find out if MW2’s beta servers are currently down. Also, if there is a Modern Warfare 2 server outage at the moment. And how to check MW2 beta server status.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Server Status

Is the Modern Warfare 2 beta currently down?

UPDATE:At the time of writing, the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta servers for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 are scheduled to go live at 6:00 PM CEST / 5:00 PM BST / 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT , Sunday, September 18. So far, there are no indications of any delays or issues. We will update the article as soon as any issues appear.

On Saturday, September 17, MW2 Beta players on PS5 and PS4 are reporting issues with error CE-34878-0 and “Puget-Altus connection failed” error. We will share more information as it surfaces. However, servers can go offline for a number of reasons. An unforeseen problem can cause servers to go down. Things like DDoS attacks and crucial bugs that need to be fixed can also lead to server crashes. Scheduled maintenance and updates sometimes also require MW2 servers to be powered down while deployed. Whatever the reason for the MW2 server outage, we’ll make sure to update the article regularly and promptly with all the latest information.

How to Check Modern Warfare 2 Server Status

The best way to stay informed about all current MW2 beta server issues is to follow the official Twitter call of duty Account. Another great place to find the latest outage information is the official website infinity room twitter manipulate. The official Activision Twitter Support will also regularly share information that you may find useful.

Since this is currently a PlayStation-only beta, you can also check the PSN server status. Finally, you can always come back to this article. We will do our best to quickly update the article on all the latest Modern Warfare 2 server issues such as current crashes and downtimes. That said, that’s all you need to know about the status of the MW2 Beta server.


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