MetaWorldPad to Unleash the Next Crypto Boom in the Metaverse


MetaWorldPad is a new innovative blockchain project, decentralization of the new business or startup project without any intermediary. The platform essentially acts as an ecosystem where participants can freely choose their investment projects by voting. The voting mechanism is done through Metaverse Digital Identity, under blockchain metaverse, which is the core technology of the MetaWorldPad platform. MetaWorldPad Launchpad will participate in upcoming IDO projects that will contribute to the development of Metaverse. In its unique staking drop, users will get high staking rewards and presale guaranteed allocations.

When a user stakes the MetaworldPad token, the user will receive 18% of all MetaworldPad token transaction fees in USDT. The amount received by Metaworld is 6 USDT per purchase and 9 USDT per sale, which is 12% for each purchase and 18% for each sale transaction fee. The goal behind the Metaworldpad token is to be one of the most popular and revenue-generating BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain while rewarding its holder with USDT.

Collect a diversity range of NFTs will be difficult without the MetaWorldPad collection. You cannot collect all NFTs in a specific game or platform as a regular user. However, the more traditional games you play with MetaWorldPad, the better your chances of getting all the NFTs in the collection. The higher the rarity of your NFTs, the more powerful and valuable they become inside and outside of their native ecosystem.

MetaWorldPadā€™s platform is a very exciting new addition to the digital asset, virtual reality, and blockchain industries. It will help facilitate the creation of future distributed business, commerce and entertainment opportunities in virtual reality, just as it helps in the development of new projects in the Metaverse blockchain community today


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