Metasens Token Soared 1000%, First Week Trading Volume Above US$60 Million


Its NFT game will soon be deployed on the Binance chain, the second UCG token will be launched in March

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – March 11, 2022 – Metasens, the metaverse project under Imperium Technology Group (0776.HK, the Group), has made its global MSU token debut on institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange AAX March 4. skyrocketed over 1000% on the first day of trading, from 0.25 USDT to almost 3 USDT. The trading volume for the first week exceeded more than 60 million US dollars.

$MSU skyrocketed 1000%

Metasens and MSU are highly sought after in Hong Kong and Taiwan and have attracted users from all over the world, including Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, etc. The project will build momentum and deepen the partnership with Southeast Asian markets and global communities. In countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, discussions around Metasens are buzzing among top gaming guilds.[1] and communities. The project has reached the next stage of collaboration with major regional guilds and is actively preparing for a wide variety of cross-regional and cross-continental AMAs.[2] Activities.

First built and deployed on the Ethereum chain which is one of the most popular blockchains among NFT games, Metasens team now plans to extend and migrate part of the project to the Binance chain to reduce the gas costs and improve operational efficiency. The “multi-channel” strategy will also give users more options and flexibility. The Binance Chain debut is expected to reach the first stage of progression at the end of March.

Metasens will also launch a series of token distribution activities, including a total of 50,000 MSU tokens worth $150,000 and a total of 8,888,888 UCG tokens worth over $20,000 to be given away to the community and fans. As a co-governance token of the Metasens universe, UCG will be officially launched later this month. Metasens is also planning a series of cross-platform marketing activities in the coming months to proactively maintain the project’s popularity and hype.

[1]Gaming Guild: Online gaming organizations that provide a platform for players to communicate and exchange ideas or form teams. Some guilds provide players with resources including game tips, gear, strategies, and even services.
[2]AMA Ask Me Anything, the most common form of community and fan engagement activity in blockchain and crypto.

About Metasens

Metasens is the metaverse project rolled out by Imperium Technology Group (0776.HK) in Q4 2021. As the first GameFi project developed by a Hong Kong listing, it aims to provide an open GameFi platform and build a park of universal amusement. with the global community and gamers. The Metasens is centered around the Holosens, the central “planet” of this metaverse which connects several other planets orbiting around it, forming a complete cosmic galaxy. Each planet is an independent game genre, which will include RPG, STG, Shooting, A-AVG, Cards, Casual Social Games and so on. Metasens’ vision is to integrate traditional games with blockchain and NFT technology to lower the barrier of entry for audiences, meet the entertainment needs of different age groups and demographics, and create a diverse and unique metaverse for everyone. .

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