MEMXPRO E1.S PT33 SSD Ruler Set for High Density Storage Server Applications

Taipei, Taiwan, July 07, 2022 –(– Remote services, real-time and on-demand streaming and edge AI computing continue to drive high-speed processing and storage demands in data centers. Aimed at next-generation servers, MEMXPRO, a leading supplier of DRAM modules and SSD solutions for industrial, enterprise and embedded markets, offers the Ruler SSD E1.S PT33 series based on NVMe1.3 interface PCIe Gen3 x4 for servers and networking. apps. MEMXPRO has aligned with a leading global server company to deploy the MEMXPRO U.2 PCIe series in its servers and has now integrated the SSD Ruler 1U short E1.S series, which meets its testing requirements for a high stability and high performance computer rack server systems.

In April, a report by Reportlinker, the market research firm, indicated that the global data center server market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.10% during the period 2022-2027. The adoption of advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and cloud computing is leading to an increase in rack power density, which increases the demand for advanced servers in data centers by improving existing infrastructure. Rack servers will continue to dominate the market, closely followed by blade servers, so increasing investment in edge data centers will increase the market share of micro servers overall.

The Ruler SSD E1.S PT33 series from MEMXPRO are E1.S short type SSDs that meet the EDSFF (Enterprise Data Center Solid State Disk Form Factor) standard and are suitable for hot data applications with high access frequencies. Optimized for 1U servers, E1.S features a small footprint, flexibility and scalability that improves NVMe performance through higher density and thermal efficiency. MEMXPRO Ruler E1.S SSD fits vertically into a 1U chassis. Support for more SSDs per rack enables high-density storage capacity and I/O performance, while the EDSFF universal connector standard enables better system scalability. The Ruler SSD E1.S PT33’s low-power output and heat dissipation solution, combined with optimized cooling and airflow management in the new generation of rack servers, achieves the best balance between heat dissipation and performance. It also improves power efficiency and signal integrity.

Equipped with enterprise SSD controller and extra long life 10,000 original TLC NAND, Ruler SSD E1.S PT33 series offers storage capacities from 128GB to 1TB with wide selections commercial, extended, and industrial grade temperature gauges. AES-256 encryption, cryptographic erase and TCG OPAL 2.0 are optional to solve information security issues. The mSMART storage monitoring tool developed by MEMXPRO helps users to detect the status, health and estimated life of the disk, thus enabling preventive maintenance measures. To learn more about MEMXPRO’s E1.S PT33 Series SSD Ruler, contact MEMXPRO sales department or visit the website.

MEMXPRO provides reliable industrial flash memory and storage solutions with integrated design services to meet the custom needs of industrial OEM customers. Products are used in a variety of applications including automation and manufacturing, environmental control, military and aerospace, networking and communications, automotive and transportation, medical, games, retail, etc. Currently, MemxPro’s main product lines focus on DRAM and flash memory storage devices through PCIe and SATA high-speed storage interfaces, and support various capacities in different form factors. MEMXPRO strives to provide high quality products and unparalleled service, becoming one of the leading industrial memory solution brands in the world. For more information, please visit or email us at


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