Man shamed for leaving 200% tip for waiter


A TikTok user has sparked a backlash for filming himself tipping a restaurant waiter 200%.

The man – a self-proclaimed “multi-millionaire” who uses the handle @realkingkhang – took to the app on Valentine’s Day to share a short video showering the waiter with a very generous tip.

“I love doing this. It feels so good to make someone’s day,” he wrote alongside the video, which was filmed at an Olive Garden restaurant in an unknown location.

The clip shows the man telling the server to slide on a payment screen until he reaches the maximum tip percentage.

“Sweep as far as possible. Boom – 200%!” he enthuses, leaving the old waiter dumbfounded.

The bill for the man’s meal was only $46, which means the waiter walked away with a $92 tip.

Several people praised @realkingkhang for his generosity in the comments section below the video, with one writing, “Lucky server!

However, a majority of viewers railed against the TikToker for filming the most heartfelt moment.

“Who cares. You only do it for the content,” one remarked. Another added, “If you felt the need to film this for the weight of the internet, this does not count.”

The TikTok user swiped the waiter’s screen so he could tap the max tip percentage.
Courtesy of @realkingkhang

Others accused @realkingkhang of being “condescending” and “self-aggrandizing”. One of them also wondered if he was really a multi-millionaire because he was having dinner in an olive garden.

On Thursday, @realkingkhang returned to TikTok to respond to the backlash, admitting critics thought he looked “bragging” and “flexing”.

However, he said he has no regrets recording his generous act.

“No matter how you live your life, you will always be judged by someone else,” he continued. “The best thing to do is ignore the noise and just do and be you!”

It’s unclear where the tipping incident took place, but servers in many states rely on tips to survive.

Last November, a waitress in Tennessee went viral after revealing that she only earned 1 cent in salary for 6 weeks of work, with the rest of her income coming from tips.

And while some complained that @realkingkhang’s “condescending” tip was too big, other diners were lambasted for tipping too small.

In December, several TikTok users shamed a Staten Island customer who couldn’t afford to tip his waiter 20%.


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