Low server tip of $ 7 sparks heated debate online


A small tip from an alleged Applebee server went viral in a TikTok video viewed over 568,000 times. This sparked a heated debate over the tip in the comments section.

In the TikTok video posted by @ kingj023241, a receipt is shown dated December 13 in Staten Island, New York, Applebee’s which has been zoomed in and out. A song by Boostedlx91 played with the lyrics “Non, non, non”. The amount owed was $ 73.45 for the entire meal, and the customer left a tip of $ 6.55, totaling the bill at $ 80. There was also a note left by the customer that said, “You were great, vacations are just tough right now.” The note indicated the tip amount with a sad face added as well. The customer signed the receipt, which also had a suggested tip amount of 18 or 20% on the bottom, which would add up to $ 12.14 or $ 13.49 respectively.

According to Statista, total sales of food and beverage services in the United States in 2020 were equivalent to $ 621.5 billion. The age group with the highest average annual expenditure on food outside the home is 35 to 44.

Consumer Reports has suggested leaving a tip between 15 and 20 percent of your pre-tax bill when you dine out. However, 20 percent is the amount the majority leave.

The viral video sparked debate among viewers. Some people have championed the customer, while others have a different view of the customer.

Tipping a waiter under $ 7 has gone viral on TikTok. A group of people to eat while paying with contactless payment.

“Prohibit tips,” suggested one viewer. “Forcing restaurants to pay decent wages to waiters.”

Some TikTokers have not mince words. “If I can’t afford a 20% tip, then I’m not going out for an $ 80 meal,” one user said.

“So don’t go to a restaurant and spend $ 74,” another person suggested.

While a fan added, “The holidays can’t be this difficult while spending almost $ 75 on a meal.”

“If we can’t tip at least 20%, we don’t go out to eat,” revealed one TikToker.

While other viewers have actually stood up for the customer. “They wanted to take their family somewhere nice, and at least they gave a tip,” someone said.

“The shame of tips is so low,” admitted another viewer. “Why not call the establishment that doesn’t pay all of you guys instead of calling a family that just wanted to go out at night?” “

Another viewer told the creator of TikTok to “be grateful.” “Tipping is not a right.” They also added. “Tips are not mandatory. They gave what they could.”

“They’re having a hard time,” said another while defending the client. “They left a nice note explaining the low tip. I would be quite grateful.”

One TikToker simply said, “Better than nothing, be thankful.”

News week contacted Applebee for comment.


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