Lost Ark Server Status Schedule and New June Patch Notes


The Lost Ark server status will change from online to offline tonight as Smilegate Developers release a new update.

The good news is that players will be able to download a new June update shortly after this one ends, which comes with several important changes.

And with the official maintenance schedule now confirmed, fans can prepare for a day of disruption and when they can start playing again on June 16.

Latest Lost Ark server status for June 16

Lost Ark | Gameplay trailer

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Lost Ark | Gameplay trailer






Developers Smilegate have confirmed that the Lost Ark servers will be down for four hours as a new update rolls out on Steam. The team has confirmed that it will take up to four hours to complete this week’s maintenance, but it’s also possible it could take less than that. According to the official schedule, the Lost Ark servers will be down from 8:00 a.m. BST to 12:00 p.m. BST on Thursday, June 16.

The team also revealed that tonight’s patch won’t be big and will only focus on a few key things. There’s good news for fans, as Smilegate is changing the reward format for daily logins, which should mean hardcore will reap more rewards in the long run.

The full patch notes for the June 16 Lost Ark update can be found below and include the following:

Added an additional track for 5 days of new login rewards. You can continue to earn previous month’s rewards in addition to these new rewards, so players who may have been impacted by recent queues have a bit more time to claim their goodies.
Extension of the end date of the Wild Wings Island event by one week, as well as the expiration dates of the associated rewards.

There are also other big changes planned for this week, including a new set of tweaks that will hopefully help combat bots in the game. Explaining what happens next, Smilegate posted this explanation, confirming:

“As we continue our battle against bots in Lost Ark, we want to let players know that a massive and broader wave of new bot bans will be rolling out over the next week. While we are still banning bots from the game , with this large-scale ban wave, you should expect to see larger fluctuations in the number of concurrent users playing Lost Ark, and queues should decrease over time. Either way caught up in this large-scale ban wave, please know that our support team will be reviewing ban appeals with extra diligence as this continues.

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