Lost Ark Maintenance and Downtime for Server Patch Update (April 10)


Lost Ark servers in the North America West region are scheduled for maintenance. The official announcement via Twitter indicates that the fix will be applied for frequently reported connection issues over the past few days. Find out the details in Lost Ark Maintenance Times and Update Patch Notes (April 10).

Lately, people are facing server connection issues while playing. Usually they encounter the error that Lost Ark cannot connect to the server. The error started right after the latest game update. However, the developers were quick enough to fix the issue by rolling out the fix on April 10.

Check out the April 10 maintenance and downtime in Lost Ark below.

Lost Ark | Gameplay trailer

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Lost Ark | Gameplay trailer






Lost Ark Maintenance and Downtime

According to the official post on the Lost Ark forum as well as the Twitter account, the maintenance should start from 2:00 a.m. PT. Server downtime is approx. 1 hour. During this period, the game will undergo changes and fix known issues.

the Tweeter said: All servers in the North America West region will be down for a patch at 2:00 a.m. PT on Sunday, April 10 for a patch to help resolve player connection issues. You can also keep an eye on the Lost Ark forum as developers and players keep you posted on upcoming changes and adjustments.

Additionally, patch notes will also be released soon detailing the changes. We expect it to release between downtime or right after maintenance ends. Be sure to visit this page as we will update it with the official patch notes as soon as they are announced.

That’s all you need to know about Lost Ark maintenance and downtime (April 10). Visit our news section to stay up to date.


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