Lost Ark Isteri | How to Get the Isle of Isteri Token in Lost Ark


the lost ark The island of Isteri is a place you won’t be able to enjoy for long due to how deep it is placed in the end game and the criteria you need to meet to earn the token. There is a lot of lost ark islands, but some of them are only accessible in later levels. So for a walkthrough of how to access and earn the island token for lost ark Isteri, read on.

Lost Ark Isteri: How to find Isteri Island

Isteri is in the southwest of the continent North Vern, located in the center of the world map. The best way to get there is from Port Korna located on the other side of the mainland. Isteri is also just northeast of the lost ark Lagoon Island which is an earlier endgame island that you may have done before.

As we said, it will take you some time before you can face Isteri because it requires you to be equipped with item level 1100, which is in the third level of the endgame. fortunately the new lost ark The Super Express event allows you to level this faster, so check this if you’re already approaching the threshold.

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Lost Ark Island of Isteri Token

Lost Ark Isteri Island Token

Once on the island, you will also need to meet certain quest criteria before you can access the specific quest on Isteri to obtain the token. First, you’ll need to complete Kadan’s questline, which begins with Kadan’s Quest. This is only available after completing other quests which are:

  • The Main Feiton Continent Questline
  • Let there be light
  • Beginning of our story
  • Bamboo Island Illusion

You’ll also need to have reached item level 1100, but then you’ll be free to complete this questline.

Once you have met all the criteria and are on the island of Isteri, you will be able to access one of Una’s tasks called Peering Into Chaos. You can activate it from Una’s task menu which is accessed with ALT+J on the keyboard. It will require you to investigate certain tracks around the island and must be completed 21 times. You can do this once per day, and the Isle of Isteri token will be rewarded for reaching the maximum reputation level upon completion.

Other than that, the island has a few questlines that reward you with resources and money, as well as a secret quest where you can acquire the powerful Kadan card for your deck.

That’s it for our breakdown of lost ark The island of Isteri, and now you know what you need to do before venturing there and getting the island token.

Once you arrive on the shores of Isteri, why not try the Selfie Lost Ark mode and take some photos.


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