Liti Capital to offer an exclusive 26% bonus on its token purchases during Black Friday


Liti Capital Black Friday Offer

This year, the “Private Equity” category joins traditional retailers by offering an exclusive offer: a 26% bonus on all purchases of its tokens.

Liti Capital’s Black Friday deal aims to raise awareness of one of the most attractive, secure and yet undervalued financial products in the crypto space.

– Andy Christen

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, November 23, 2021 / – This Black Friday (November 26, 2021), Liti Capital took things to the next level with a one-day only offer on sales of its $ LITI and $ wLITI tokens.

For the first time in history, the “Private Equity” category joins traditional retailers by offering an exclusive offer on what has become the most famous “special offer buying day” of the year, the Black Friday.

To celebrate Black Friday, November 26, 2021, Liti Capital is offering a 26% bonus on all purchases – regardless of the quantity – of its $ LITI and $ wLITI tokens.

Liti Capital is a company based in Switzerland which allows everyone, everywhere to invest in Private Equity. Liti Capital finances important legal claims that favor the plaintiff, bringing justice and deserved financial rewards. Legal action financing is known as “litigation financing” and is a hugely lucrative type of private equity.

Now, thanks to Liti Capital, Litigation Funding is an asset class accessible as an investment for everyone, everywhere. With its two tokens, $ LITI (an “equity” backed token that requires KYC and offers dividends and voting rights) and $ wLITI (a tradable and non-KYC dependent token), Liti Capital has enabled individuals and institutions to invest in the entire portfolio of legal claims it finances, and to share the rewards with high return on investment.

Summary of Liti Capital’s Black Friday offer:
1. The promotion will take place on Black Friday November 26, 2021 (12:00 UCT – 11:59 UCT);
2. Anyone who buys any amount of $ LITI or $ wLITI tokens will get a 26% bonus;
3. Token buyers just need to keep the tokens they buy for six months in order to get the 26% bonus;
4. Token owners can sell at any time. However, they will only get the 26% bonus if they keep their token for six months (so until 00:01 UTC on May 26, 2022);
5. Purchases must be made through the Liti Capital app on its website.

Comments from Andy Christen, Co-Founder, Director of Vision and Operations at Liti Capital:

Liti Capital’s Black Friday deal aims to raise awareness of one of the most attractive, secure and yet undervalued financial products in the crypto space. Our tokens are backed by real assets that are crisis resistant and will produce High returns on investment, both in bullish and bearish markets.By buying $ LITI or $ wLITI, you expose yourself to the crypto hype, while significantly minimizing the risk associated with purely speculative instruments.

“Litigation financing is seldom known to the traditional financial world and we consider it the best kept secret in the private equity industry! Liti Capital introduces this complex yet deeply innovative business model into the equally disruptive world of blockchain, which allows hyper access to one of the most profitable asset classes. We are extremely excited to bring a different but hugely compelling deal to everyone, everywhere, this Black Friday. This event is the perfect time to get involved with Liti Capital!

Notes to Editors:

For more information, please contact our press department on +44 (0) 7943774236 or by sending an email to

About Liti Capital:

Liti Capital SA is a Swiss company specializing in litigation financing and FinTech. Liti Capital raises funds to purchase litigation assets and fund lawsuits, then helps plaintiffs win their cases. Liti Capital brings the litigation asset class to everyone through Blockchain technology with LITI tokens, an equity token that is a share of the shares of Liti Capital SA. The launch of the LITI and wLITI tokens allows any investor to enter the high performing litigation finance market, previously reserved for elite investors.

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Black Friday Information Notes:

The term “Black Friday” was first associated with a financial crisis, not sales buying.

During the Wall Street Crash of 1929, when the New York Stock Exchange lost 6.3% of its value in a single day, it became known as Black Friday.

Fast forward 98 years to 2021, and Black Friday is now “celebrated” around the world on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day as the famous weekend of sales, where a significant number of shoppers turn up. in department stores and brands online to find great deals.

More information on Liti Capital’s $ LITI and $ wLITI tokens:

Our two tokens – $ LITI and $ wLITI – are suitable for any type of investment strategy and investor profile, whether individual or institutional.

$ LITI is an equity token which is a share in Liti Capital SA.

$ wLITI is an encapsulated token, for swaps and other non-KYC transactions.

How to buy $ wLITI and $ LITI tokens:

To purchase $ wLITI tokens, please follow the instructions here.

To purchase $ LITI tokens, please follow the instructions here.

Guide and instructions for the ‘Black Friday 26’ offer:

All purchases for the “Black Friday 26” offer must be made on the Liti Capital website
1. Go to and click on ‘app’. Register or log in to the app.
2. Click on ‘Black Friday 26’.
3. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy with (eg USDT, ETH).
4. Select whether you want to purchase $ wLITI or $ LITI tokens.
5. Make the purchase.
6. Purchased tokens will not be sent to the user’s personal wallet. But they can connect their wallet (eg MetaMask) to the app to see the purchase they made.
7. If the user wishes to sell their tokens at any time, they can do so – but if this is done before the end of the six month period (i.e. before May 26, 2022), the bonus of 26% in tokens will not be granted.
8. After six months, the purchased tokens plus the 26% can be transferred to the user’s personal wallet.

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