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LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/August 26, 2022/ Laika Token, a cryptocurrency coin named in memory of a non-fictional dog raised on the rough streets of the USSR in 1957, quickly gained momentum after an anonymous article published on July 30e on Medium went viral. After the article went viral, the Laika piece went live and reached $20 million in volume within the first 24 hours. The Laika token was founded by a group of community members and investors who shared the same vision of shedding light on the dangers and scams that exist in the cryptocurrency space.

Laika, Friday August 26, 2022, Image from press release

“This token is for anyone brave enough to take part in the financial revolution and honor Laika, a misguided mongrel who was selected to occupy a Soviet spacecraft named ‘Sputnik 2’. She was the first animal to be sent into space. Orbiting the earth with no capacity for salvation, Laika died of overheating and/or suffocation a few hours later. She inspires hope as a symbol of exploration, sacrifice and courage,” A spokesperson for Laika said, “A small monument has since been built in her honor, depicting her atop a rocket. We now choose to honor Laika in our own way by reincarnating her in a cryptocurrency coin launched on the Ethereum blockchain and sending her to the moon. This time, however, with the ability and intent of salvation.”

Laika Token was unsolicited listed on the MEXC exchange within 36 hours of launch and started trending on DEX tools after 72 hours of trading. Additionally, Laika became listed on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko. Less than two weeks after launch, Laika was listed on BitMart. Various cryptocurrency influencers and innovators are already interested in forming partnerships and collaborations with Laika Token.

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