John Lennon’s rude nightclub behavior prompted a hilarious comment from his waiter


In the early 1970s, John Lennon wreaked havoc in a Los Angeles nightclub. He was expelled on one occasion, but his behavior on other visits was not exactly polite. Lennon and his friends drank heavily and stayed out for hours. One night, Lennon’s behavior went a bit too far for his waiter. When he asked her if she knew who he was, she replied curtly.

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John Lennon and Yoko Ono separated for 18 months

In 1973, Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono separated. Lennon moved on and began a relationship with the couple’s assistant, May Pang. He called this period of his life a “lost weekend”, but in reality it lasted around 18 months.

“The case wasn’t something that hurt me,” Ono told The Telegraph in 2012. “I needed rest. I needed space. Can you imagine every day getting that vibe from hateful people? You want to get away with it. I started noticing he was getting a little restless on top of that, so I thought it best to give him a rest and me a rest. May Pang was a very intelligent, attractive and extremely efficient woman. I thought they would be OK.

Lennon began drinking heavily and using drugs during this time, which would get him into trouble.

John Lennon’s waiter got brutally honest with him at a nightclub

In Los Angeles, Lennon and his friends frequented The Troubadour, a popular nightclub. One night, Lennon, Pang, and a friend went to dinner at a nearby restaurant. During the meal, Lennon was drinking and decided it was a good idea to strap a sanitary napkin to his forehead.

“He came back from the bathroom with a Kotex on his forehead,” Pang said in the book. Lennon revealed by Larry Kane (via Today). “I begged him to take it off. He just smiled.

After dinner, the group headed to the Troubadour. Lennon, still sporting his unique helmet, continued to drink. At one point, Lennon bluntly asked his server, “You don’t know who I am?

The waiter replied curtly but hilariously, “Yeah, you’re an a**hole with a Kotex on your forehead.”

John Lennon returned to the same nightclub several weeks later

The moment was a little awkward, but nothing like Lennon’s behavior at the Troubadour several weeks later. Lennon and musician Harry Nilsson went to the club to see the Smothers Brothers. After a few drinks, Lennon started heckling the comedy duo.

“We started yelling at Tommy and his brother,” Lennon told Kane. “I think we almost screwed up the act. A few weeks before I was at the same place, I found a dab machine or something in a restaurant, I was wearing one on my head. Heckled a bit more. And I don’t remember how it happened, but they kicked my ass.

Lennon felt humiliated after the incident and apologized to the comedians. According to Kane, the moment caused Lennon to reconsider his behavior.

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