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SEOUL, KOREA, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ITSB, the governance token of ITSBLOC, will be listed on on September 19, 2022. is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges with over 10 million users in over 130 countries around the world. is offering “Startup Initial Free Offer” from September 18-19. The ITSB will be open to users for the first time through, and VIP and GT users can obtain a variety of tokens through airdrop benefits. – The airdrop will be eligible for users who have completed KYC verification.

Following its listing on, for ecosystem revitalization and attracting more global users, additional ITSBLOC listings on leading global cryptocurrency exchanges are planned from October 2022.

Presentation of the ITSBLOC project

By focusing its platform on the eNjoy aspect of gaming, ITSBLOC aims to become a global Web 3.0 Play eNjoy Earn (PNE) gaming platform. It is a structural design that allows game users to be easily rewarded for “sunk costs” that cannot be recovered while immersing themselves in the game, and provides a new system compared to flat -existing P2E game forms.

The most distinctive features are (1) the elimination of in-app payments, (2) the prevention of in-game inflation and a seasonal settlement system where users can receive rewards, and (3) the purchase of in-game growth elements via token staking, etc. Thanks to these elements, it is possible to significantly improve the problems of the existing P2E (Play to Earn) system, which mainly focuses on mining for profit.

Highlight / Vision

– New Type

ITSBLOC provides the new type of P2E games through a seasonal system, so users can focus on “Playing” and “Enjoying” for Web3.0 games

– New Perk

Seasonal staking system allows users to earn faster and more with redemption and liquidation at the end of the season

– New system

ITSBLOC’s ecosystem with a stablecoin will provide low inflation, minimize volatility, leading to adjust the liquidity balance of gaming tokens

Plan / Roadmap

The first game to launch on the ITSBLOC web 3.0 global gaming platform is DK Mobile, a well-known MMORPG among global gamers. “DK Mobile: The Origin”, the second series of “DK Mobile”, was released in the Android market in August and ranked at the top for more than two weeks. Additionally, ITSBLOC plans to release games of increasingly diverse genres, including at least three MMORPGs and first-person shooters by 2022.

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