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Calcutta: Examiners were asked to download the marks of ISC candidates for the English-1 exam on Wednesday morning by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations. The exam took place on Tuesday, but the examiners were unable to download the grades after the assessment due to a technical issue that prevented the online grade capture system from responding. The Board eventually asked the exam centers to “close” the assessment for the day. On Wednesday, however, the board sent a circular to principals stating that the issue had been resolved and that the upload of grades should be completed on Wednesday.
The examiners, who are otherwise teachers, were unsure whether they should visit exam centers after Tuesday’s problem. There was no ISC exam scheduled for Wednesday. Examiners had already been to their own schools for classes when their respective principals told them they would have to rush to their exam centers to complete the upload of grades which was delayed on Tuesday.
From the heritage school, eight teachers had to rush to other schools where they worked as examiners. Ten reviewers rushed to The Heritage from other schools to finish uploading grades. It was the same scene in all the CISCE affiliated schools in the city. South City International saw three teachers leave in the middle of a teaching session even as two examiners entered. La Martiniere for Boys saw six teachers leave and 10 examiners enter. The CISCE circular indicated that examiners should complete the process of uploading and submitting scores. around Wednesday. The circular also told them that after successfully completing this task, the response script packets should be sent to the Council office.
On Monday, the first day of the ISC exam, most examiners were unable to complete the assessment of English literature documents until 11 p.m. The number of scripts a reviewer was supposed to correct was reduced from 35 to 20. While these steps helped speed up the process on Tuesday evening, the grades could not be submitted until late due to the technical issue that affected the process. forced the Council to suspend the downloading of notes. until further notice.

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